Tuesday, May 26, 2009


After thousand years since my flight
one day
When roaring waves hit some land
In moonlight
I fell down to rest.
Now worried
How to fly?
My thoughts are infected
…My wings are wet.


Engrossed - while rocking the cradle
Soaked in heavy sobs
In haziness - searching further...further...

Singing lullaby to this 'Silent Listener'
Plucks dreams from amongst piercing thorns
Bleeding words of Love, dipped in droplets-
…And the ‘sleeping Tragedy’ spreads its feathers.

Feels the first pinch of this vulnerable.
Wonders at the first steps of this little devil
Towards...its destiny
towards... the door.
...Now hides itself behind the gate.
Chuckles - Blinks - and Gone.

And Mother
Spreading arms of desolation,
Bearing this Ordeal…
Still waits for this "Adherent" soul.