Thursday, May 28, 2009


In the enveloping fire of vengeance
We often torture ourselves, when
Blood shows an ugly face masked,
In the worst time of an year.

With this nostalgic face-
While walking alone, with thousand debates
-Glimpses of the suffered past,
-Ramifications of this undesirably wombed Present;
or all this ‘heavy chamber’ pines for...
He feels shattered and then entrapped
by palpitations and high blood pressure.

Then-in the morphemed night
or at the demise of a dream or something past-
Recalls- Who said what? When? and Why?
A drop silently flows through the edges of eyes,
And something grabs by the throat from Inside.

Fixing sight in the dark-
(With low pump at the heart)
He passes the other Half-
. ..In thoughts and strife.