Monday, July 5, 2010


Time has spiral shutters
They flap and I see it moving.
There is somebody I point to,
But I do not see.

It flaps violently, I see
It becomes a compass-
As I step ahead, it stops and slowly, opens like petals.
Quickly I turn back-
Now, I can see that ‘Somebody’.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Anniversary

I had written a long post to mark this day.. but then deleted, I suppose, these lines are sufficient to tell the outcome of this year- 

"There is a divinity that shapes our ends
  Rough hew them how we will..."

welcome new year ! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

See Off

They said, It was the final call
 I knew that the train would, soon, depart.
And would leave only an echo...

What else!
Among the strangers, a deserted platform
And choice of a track to follow!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Mother Again

Long Nights, restless minds 
With nightmares and tremors,
Unraveling a new undercurrent of time 
She often wakes up suddenly - 
   With a sweaty countenance.

What has passed - what remains 
Her lips could hardly translate 
Her long deserted look - 
Watches  her ships in the sea Almighty ! 
And I,in my dream, 
            watch sea-tide on the prow of Noah's Ship. 

Sweet voice, they buried under their feet
Living with her silence and bleeds 
This frost kills us by and by 
Her face whom doves bowed down 
    - a deep pallor been crowned. 

With limps of her life - 
They are playing chess
 She, a real queen, at the hands of 
Notorious pawns, is it less? 
She fades into Holy realm of faith 
And I, in my dream, 
              Cross seven channels on Iron. 

Oh Time ! Give space for a new rhyme - 
Waiting For a power benign !  

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


 Black out - 
And  he became all aware of it. 
In delirium,binging on thoughts 
Something pinned him down
and put around  
           A sense of blah...

He doesn't  lament 
As he had himself,
           with a deft stroke of words, 
 Slaughtered a dream 
which was killing from inside.

yet can't  deny - 
That he feels himself to be rooted out
From his depth of piousness and his dream sublime. 

Now, fake promises wait for him at the gate-
and  tease him out of his fate...
     They follow even to the kitchen. They shout.
  They sit on the shelf - 
When he cooks , he reads,or he groans.

Nowadays, he skimps- 
Sometimes, moseying back to the park 
Just at one corner he sits and watch- 
Children Playing and elders talk.
( But ponders over things he loved and lost so far...)

He knows it well,
It is a crick in life.
Maybe, a tenacle of some insanity divine.
Maybe, an ebb - a temporarily defaced life!
O these poor translations of what he feels!!

He had read the signpost a long time ago,
Directions vague and ground so low...
But he had not imagined that he would quit 
And go divorced even from himself !

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving beyond Red Deeps

There is not just change in title and layout of the blog, there is also a sea change in my attitude towards life.

Until now, It was mainly a poetry blog but now onwards,I will write fiction and my other observations as well, though sporadically.

So wait, I will be RIGHT BACK.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Interior Monologue

I wish I could tell
How hard it was to break
Soft feeling of your pearly presence
And to spill the vermin of distance
Bred out of necessity.

Though life moves on -
But sometimes, I have felt
A sweet twinge of separation bearing hard on me
To dip me into all regrets
That why I refuted a new meaning
Sprouting itself out
In the old deserts of propriety

While sitting here - Just longing
I can see you, blowing -
On the mighty currents of deep oceans
Where you can't see me hiding myself
Under the sordid surface as if
- Scared of an exotic deity.

I wish I could tell - that
Sometimes under the compulsion of clock
How every moment and every word,
Forgetting its character, comes out of lips and
Becomes stranger even to the heart itself.
How would you believe now?
Under its brashing self, was
Crawling scalded beauty!

My charred feathers, covered under
Slender smile - even then
When I assayed to fly
Heaved two deep sobs in you palm
Though constantly under some star blithe.
You drew upon me Yes!
Once I too was a flower
This solicitude melted the garb
Hence the rush of feelings...

Your Honor! from every peel of my heart
I tried to keep me at par
From various meanings of Red-
As you didn't know -
I dread -
…Basking in the sun
…Being loved by someone.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's it ?

What's It?
When I recall -
I regret why I recall
When I try to forget -
I regret- I can't forget.

Nostalgic face !
Engrossed - back on old roads
Or In Astro-projection
Catching a star, feeling the other self
I watch from the far -

Sometimes it seems, Seems a dull bay.
Never cleaned, never traveled again
As if a lake - still waters
a forgotten face...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And finally the Releasing Ceremony

                 Baptism, like this, is purely inexplicable...words fail...again dilemma time and Prufrockian diffidence...Amidst such an applause,I looked at myself... and asked who I am, Prufrock was still thinking in me but somebody got the vibes and answered " A Powerful Poet"(my first compliment in the festival), She was none other than a famous Bengali Poet, MandaKranta Sen, winner of National Ananda Puruskar and. She told me that she would translate my poems into Bangla.
Yes! the news is true(though I still feel it dreamy) -Yesterday(dated 13-03-10), My book was finally released in the "North East And Northern Poetry Festival,PAU by Dr.S.S.Noor,Vice - President of Delhi Sahitya Academy.
 Dr.Sylvanus Lamare, (a Great Scholar as well as a writer of many books on Khasi culture) was the first person to buy a copy of my book.. thanks a ton :). Sir! If ever you again, by chance, stumble upon my blog, Please, leave some comments.I will feel honored.
And to my Mamaji, Swarnjit Savi, a Great poet and Painter...

"Mamaji, I wish I had some words with which I could express my sense of gratitude,indebtedness as well as my happiness for Support you provided me right from the day One...I am proud to be your Niece."

Then, My Family that supported me every Moment of my life,bore everything so patiently with me... I love you all! 
And Finally, my Muse and the Inspiration who made me a poet ..

"Wah e diwangi -e-shonk, ke har dam mujhko
Aap jana Udhar, or Aap hi hairan hona "

Yeah, Still a reluctant poet, 
Navdeep Sihra

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tower Of Babel

I have words that mean nothing to them
They have sweet sounds,I understand not.
Something is slipping underneath - "Oh!Our Feet -"
And heavey lash of wind and rain from above
Yes,I am one among this human lot.

They are Others who were on the Ship
Their eyes being turned inside -
"Is there anyone Listening to me?"
"What is scratching my back?"
"Oh mind! Unbearable !!"

Flood divided us.By chance are divided
As identified and unidentified, here!
We are all unidentified
All are Unidentified.
Is the ship Empty ?

This thunder and contaminated sky -
Are we dying or left behind ?
....again clutch at the Tower side,
Like Mulching leaves,abusing
Vacuumed words - meaning denied.

Among us attack
Among us die ; Among try to decode
and send proofs; among us allege and denied
Yet we don't understand what we do
we are a game or a part of game
                    ...I don't know.

This little device in our hands
Connects us to our small gods
A voice from it says -
"Sweet was the rose - I know,
But try to understand ...
No No...I ..never ...just ...Oh No !!"

You know ! Once I walked alone in the garden
Some voice made me look back
No One -
Certainly none was there.
But said my own self -
"It was I to befool you,Fool !"

It was erected to save -
Or to be saved,THe Flood will decide.
What I know is -
"Oh don't touch me, small man !"
"You are dirty!"

Have they gone ?
Far ! out of sight !!
MInd cleaves through darkness
But still reaches nowhere
A breach at heart ...
"Is there anyone listening to me ?
To bring me inside...
Oh ! I am Cursed !"

Aye !
We are not Oedipus metamorphosed and Blind -
Groping for a place unknown
And Compromising between Heaven and Hell!
Paradise is lost forever -
Hell dwells in our minds
And eternally we are here-
             With our Tower of Babel.

Friday, January 8, 2010

To God

Under the monochromic life,
Fluttering wings of unpenned thoughts
Lost most of their feathers.
And now crawls bare skinny shade of morbid ugliness.

How many times, I wept , I cried
Well, with gusts of wind, all dried
Leaving my eyes swelled up and with screwed up face, tried
To enjoy and play the game of fuzziness.

How many times, I enjoyed the perplexities -
With patience
Living upon them, watched myself
Sinking like a mighty ship
Never to be found again.
Or waiting
Outside your realm
Ready to bow, waiting for a glimpse..!!!

Do you know, under this monochromic life?
I always waited long
For your presence?
-Cherishing your thoughts and
Caressing my pinions?
I had never thought or imagined
There would be a Time in my life
When I would meet you-
Would see eye to eye and engrossed
Only to awake alone ! alone ! forlorn !!

I need your solicitude
Yes I do -
But I would never come to you
You know !
I have lost my pinions
Once caressed by me for You…
I have lost my kite
Never to be found in the wilderness below...