Friday, January 8, 2010

To God

Under the monochromic life,
Fluttering wings of unpenned thoughts
Lost most of their feathers.
And now crawls bare skinny shade of morbid ugliness.

How many times, I wept , I cried
Well, with gusts of wind, all dried
Leaving my eyes swelled up and with screwed up face, tried
To enjoy and play the game of fuzziness.

How many times, I enjoyed the perplexities -
With patience
Living upon them, watched myself
Sinking like a mighty ship
Never to be found again.
Or waiting
Outside your realm
Ready to bow, waiting for a glimpse..!!!

Do you know, under this monochromic life?
I always waited long
For your presence?
-Cherishing your thoughts and
Caressing my pinions?
I had never thought or imagined
There would be a Time in my life
When I would meet you-
Would see eye to eye and engrossed
Only to awake alone ! alone ! forlorn !!

I need your solicitude
Yes I do -
But I would never come to you
You know !
I have lost my pinions
Once caressed by me for You…
I have lost my kite
Never to be found in the wilderness below...