Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tower Of Babel

I have words that mean nothing to them
They have sweet sounds,I understand not.
Something is slipping underneath - "Oh!Our Feet -"
And heavey lash of wind and rain from above
Yes,I am one among this human lot.

They are Others who were on the Ship
Their eyes being turned inside -
"Is there anyone Listening to me?"
"What is scratching my back?"
"Oh mind! Unbearable !!"

Flood divided us.By chance are divided
As identified and unidentified, here!
We are all unidentified
All are Unidentified.
Is the ship Empty ?

This thunder and contaminated sky -
Are we dying or left behind ?
....again clutch at the Tower side,
Like Mulching leaves,abusing
Vacuumed words - meaning denied.

Among us attack
Among us die ; Among try to decode
and send proofs; among us allege and denied
Yet we don't understand what we do
we are a game or a part of game
                    ...I don't know.

This little device in our hands
Connects us to our small gods
A voice from it says -
"Sweet was the rose - I know,
But try to understand ...
No No...I ..never ...just ...Oh No !!"

You know ! Once I walked alone in the garden
Some voice made me look back
No One -
Certainly none was there.
But said my own self -
"It was I to befool you,Fool !"

It was erected to save -
Or to be saved,THe Flood will decide.
What I know is -
"Oh don't touch me, small man !"
"You are dirty!"

Have they gone ?
Far ! out of sight !!
MInd cleaves through darkness
But still reaches nowhere
A breach at heart ...
"Is there anyone listening to me ?
To bring me inside...
Oh ! I am Cursed !"

Aye !
We are not Oedipus metamorphosed and Blind -
Groping for a place unknown
And Compromising between Heaven and Hell!
Paradise is lost forever -
Hell dwells in our minds
And eternally we are here-
             With our Tower of Babel.