Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Interior Monologue

I wish I could tell
How hard it was to break
Soft feeling of your pearly presence
And to spill the vermin of distance
Bred out of necessity.

Though life moves on -
But sometimes, I have felt
A sweet twinge of separation bearing hard on me
To dip me into all regrets
That why I refuted a new meaning
Sprouting itself out
In the old deserts of propriety

While sitting here - Just longing
I can see you, blowing -
On the mighty currents of deep oceans
Where you can't see me hiding myself
Under the sordid surface as if
- Scared of an exotic deity.

I wish I could tell - that
Sometimes under the compulsion of clock
How every moment and every word,
Forgetting its character, comes out of lips and
Becomes stranger even to the heart itself.
How would you believe now?
Under its brashing self, was
Crawling scalded beauty!

My charred feathers, covered under
Slender smile - even then
When I assayed to fly
Heaved two deep sobs in you palm
Though constantly under some star blithe.
You drew upon me Yes!
Once I too was a flower
This solicitude melted the garb
Hence the rush of feelings...

Your Honor! from every peel of my heart
I tried to keep me at par
From various meanings of Red-
As you didn't know -
I dread -
…Basking in the sun
…Being loved by someone.

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