Monday, May 17, 2010

A Mother Again

Long Nights, restless minds 
With nightmares and tremors,
Unraveling a new undercurrent of time 
She often wakes up suddenly - 
   With a sweaty countenance.

What has passed - what remains 
Her lips could hardly translate 
Her long deserted look - 
Watches  her ships in the sea Almighty ! 
And I,in my dream, 
            watch sea-tide on the prow of Noah's Ship. 

Sweet voice, they buried under their feet
Living with her silence and bleeds 
This frost kills us by and by 
Her face whom doves bowed down 
    - a deep pallor been crowned. 

With limps of her life - 
They are playing chess
 She, a real queen, at the hands of 
Notorious pawns, is it less? 
She fades into Holy realm of faith 
And I, in my dream, 
              Cross seven channels on Iron. 

Oh Time ! Give space for a new rhyme - 
Waiting For a power benign !  


ѕнαιя ∂я. ѕαηנαу ∂αηι said...

बहुत अच्छी कविता है। क्रिपया लिखते रहिये । कमेन्ट्स के लिये ज़ियादा बादर न करें।

Navdeep said...

I am glad that you like the poem.:)