Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Excerpt From the poem " THE TOWER OF BABEL"

This thunder and contaminated sky-
Are we dying or left behind?
...Again clutch at the towerside
Like mulching leaves,Abusing
Vacuumed words- meaning denied.
Among us attack,
Among us die, Among us try to decode
And send proofs,Among us allege and deny.
Yet, We don't understand what we do
We are a game or a part of game
                    ...I don't know!
You know ! once I walked alone in the garden
Some Voice made me turn back
No one -
Certainly none was there.
But said my own self -
"It was I to befool you, fool!"


Pacifier Returns said...

We are a game or a part of game......Well said

Smiles :)

JoseAngel said...

I love the passage about the voice in the garden! We are all the time listening to something broadcasting deep inside, and we call that consciousness.

Navdeep Sihra said...

@Prashant : smiles:)
@Jose Angel :Thanks for liking it.:) This poem is a very personal experience of my life and the passage about the voice, the most troubled one.